TVMC APK Download

Are you looking for TVMC apk? Well, then, you are in the right place. Keep reading this article to know more about the TVMC apk.


All of us want to watch movies, videos at a single place. TVMC is really an amazing app which offers us a lot of movies, different shows. Are you looking for the alternatives for Kodi and XMBC? Then, TVMC is the best option. Whether you have Windows, Android or Mac this app is compatible with all these platforms.


Let’s take a brief glance at all the additional information about TVMC apk:

  • Name of the app: TVMC apk
  • Version: 14.2
  • Supported Android version: Android 4.0 and above
  • Size of the apk file: The apk of this app is quite larger in size. The size of its apk file is 52.5 MB

It is a time to look at some features of the TVMC apk:

  • TVMC offers all the movies in the HD quality. Unlike other apps, there will not be any type of buffering while watching the movies.
  • Whenever you want to watch movies, TV shows on any website you need to sign up for an account but in case of TVMC there is no need for any sign-up or anything. Just download the apk, search for your favourite movie and watch it.
  • Its user interface is very simple.
  • Also, for using TVMC there is no need of rooting your device.

When the TVMC was launched for the first time, it was available on Play store for free but due to some reasons, it was removed from play store. There are many websites which offer the APK file of TVMC for free. You have to just download from the website and after installing it you can watch any movie that you want.

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