Pokemon Quest APK Download For Android

Pokemon Quest is an action and adventure game. It is one of the parts of the Pokemon series. The Game Freak is the developer of this game and it is published by the Pokemon company and Nintendo. It is compatible with both Android, iOS and released for these platforms on 27 June 2108. Along with Android and iOS, this game is also accessible on the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Quest Game was released for the Nintendo Switch on 30 May 2018.

Pokemon Quest

Download Pokemon Quest APK Android

The gameplay of this game is awesome. This game looks similar to that of the Minecraft. The whole game is in Tumblecube island and the name of the pokemon in the game is “Pokexel”. This Pokexel is a cube in shape. The main intention of the player is to complete all the levels and compete for the wild Pokemon. The entire game is divided into the four parts:

  • Basecamp management

In the base camp, players have to prepare new and elegant dishes to attract the pokemon.

  • Training of the pokemon

There are total 151 pokemon in the game. Players can train these pokemon and can teach them some special moves. There are certain stones that have to collect in the game. These stones increase the power of the pokemon.

  • Storyline

During the entire game, the player has to visit 12 different places. In the entire Pokemon Quest game, there are total 167 moves that you have to perform. Also, there are some special moves that the pokemon can perform. But after using a special move you have to wait for 3 seconds. In these 3 seconds, you can use normal moves to beat the competitor.

  • Finding and getting the new pokemon

As previously stated, you have to prepare dishes to attract pokemon. There are a lot of ingredients and with the help of these ingredients, you can prepare maximum 18 dishes.

At the launching event of this game, other three downloadable packages are also announced. These packages contain some features with the help of which you can experience a better gameplay.

The game has received mix reviews and in just staring two days, this game was downloaded by the one million downloads.

Overall the game is superb. The 3D graphics that are in the game give users a realistic experience while playing. Also, the game refreshes our mood and gives us a pure joy. This is going to be a hit game of the pokemon series. So, don’t hold back yourself from playing this game.

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