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Are you searching for the Flipkart Plus? If yes, then, you are at the right place. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the discussion about this new project by the Flipkart.

A few months ago, Flipkart is brought by the Walmart for a whopping $16 billion. That deal was the hot topic of discussion among the media. So, in order to compete with Amazon, the Flipkart has launched the Flipkart Plus. Let’s have a close look at it.

Flipkart Plus App Download

On 1st August, Flipkart has officially announced that they will be starting their loyalty programmefrom 15th August 2018. The basic purpose of starting this programme is to give customers a quality experience. It is nothing but a premium account like Amazon Prime. In Amazon Prime, you have to pay monthly or yearly in order to access all the services included in the Amazon Prime. But for the Flipkart Plus users, there will not be any such fees. You have to just the open the account. This programme by the Flipkart will definitely overcome the Amazon Prime.

Some of you may be interested in activating the Flipkart plus. Well, given below is the step by step process through which you can activate Flipkart Plus:

First of all, update the Flipkart mobile app that is installed in your mobile.

If you don’t have the app, download it from the google play store.

Currently, the company had given the access to this new initiative by the Flipkart to only selected users. So, after opening the app, you will get to see 50 plus points. As previously stated, only the selected customers will get the 50 plus points.

You may have a question like do I have to buy this 50 plus points? The answer is “no”. The lucky consumers will get these 50 plus points for free. If you have these 50 points then, you can join the programme. The users can use these 50 points to redeem other offers like BookMyShow Gift Card of Rs.1200, Zomato Gold Annual subscription of Rs.2399, Flipkart voucher of Rs.1000, etc.

You can use the 50 plus points for these offers or for activating the Flipkart Plus.

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What are the advantages of joining the Flipkart plus?

When you become a member of the Flipkart Plus, you will get free delivery of the products. You will not get only free delivery, but you will also get the fast delivery. There are many such benefits of joining

Also, the members of this loyalty programme will get more priority than other customers. Such members will get access to the Big Billion Days and other offers faster than the normal consumers. There are also more benefits of this membership. More information about this new programme by the Flipkart will be available on the 15th August 2018. So, if you like to shop from the Flipkart then, don’t hold yourself back from joining the Flipkart Plus.

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